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Our masseurs team from Arab, Filipino, Indian, Thai, Chinese, etc., first-class massage service, elegant environment,Skilled variety of massage technology in four star Hotel,Learn more  0552117366

Massage serivses

Hot stone massage

Our aim is long term satisfied clients with all the new mechanics, You can change your Massage therapist anytime you want, we have more than 20 Thai massage Therapists who are ready to make you feel good.

Thai massae

Muscle pain can be troublesome and annoying, it can influence your ability to remain active, energetic and live your life to the full. A Thai Massage aims to relieve pain in joints and sore muscles through a vigorous yet comfortable set of yoga-like stretches.

Moroccan bath

By taking care of our skin on a deeper level through a traditional bath at our Moroccan day spa, we can reduce the harmful toxins and help it function as it is supposed to. We’ll take you through the steps of a Moroccan Bath and what the purpose is..


Premium European Massage Center in Dubai

Ever since the dawn of civilization, human beings have found ways to remove stress from their life through the art of massage. After a tiring day at work or an extended travel schedule, it is always best to unwind with a spa treatment that will completely rejuvenate you. Sfoya Spa is the most trusted premium massage parlour in Dubai, and we have numerous treatments which will refresh your mind and soul. family.

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